Industrial Centrifugal Fans

Medium and high pressure
Single-stage centrifugal welded fans, developed by impeller design software
The design is ordered by high static efficiency grade, in reference to the specified duty point
Air-volume @ pressure @ Temperature- balanced DIN ISO 1940-1 G 2.5-6.3

3 typical layouts

FP Fans

Clean air fans with high efficiency backward curved closed-shrouded impellers –efficiency grade up to 85%-positioned on the suction side, extracting the air from the filtration system for low energy consumption, without wear risk- small amount of dust can be handled

FT Fans

Transport fans of robust construction for the direct handling of heavy dust loads
Impellers open / un shrouded, radial or backward inclined blades – efficiency grade up to 70%-positioned usually on the pressure side pushing the raw air to the filtration systemς


steel st37
ss 304/316
Hardox 450 wear resistant steel for FT impellers


  • Industrial, Recycling, Agricultural
  • Cyclones and Dedusting Units
  • Paper, plastics, wood, cotton processing
  • Drying, pneumatic material transfer
  • Industrial Burner Air Systems / flue gases and Hot Air Management


  • Air temperature operation range: -30°C to 120°C. At higher temperatures with cooling flinger
  • Robust welded construction, impeller and scroll housing
  • Material : mild steel painted at RAL color as standard or hot dip galvanized, stainless steel construction AISI 304/316, impeller blades from Hardox450 steel, on request


  • Inverter VFD for speed control, operation accuracy and economy – The energy spent is exactly the amount required for optimal fan operation
  • Protection boxes , thermal, sound insulation
  • Duct attenuators/ silencers, flexible connectors,. dampers for air-flow regulation