The Company

  • KLIMATISTIKI S.A. is a family owned & managed company, founded in 1975 by Nikos Sivis
    a Dipl. mechanical engineer graduate of the T.U. Munich. In 1989 it was registered as an SA company.
    It is located at the 7th km Thessaloniki- Kavala national road.




  • Company activities
    • Production of air processing units for industrial & commercial applications, according to the European regulations & standards.
    • Economic & high quality duct construction via an automatic production line.
    • Building of custom made products of specified design.
    • Design, installation and maintenance of HVAC systems.

    Our equipment includes:

    Automatic air-duct production systems, CNC plasma cutter, cylinders, press brake machines, shearing machines.

    Our goals are:

    High technical production quality, with emphasis on safety, long life, low energy consumption & environmental policy commitment. The company operates in accordance with the provisions of the quality assurance system of EN ISO 9001:2015

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  • Asterios Sivis

    Dipl. Mechanical Engineer AUTH
    MSc in CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics NTUA.

    Contact info: info (@) | +30 6977 994 040

  • Athena Sivi

    Dipl. Electrical & Computer Engineer AUTH
    MA Lighting Design

    Contact info: contact (@) | Linkedin