Dedusting Units BTN / BTC

Bag filters – cartridge

Depending on the dust nature and load: A choice between bag-filters (BTN unit) or cartridge filters (BTC unit), placed in an air-tight chamber of modular construction and easy transport and installation.

Optimal selection of the filter material for the specific type of dust and particle size, in collaboration with European filter manufacturers.

Automatic cleaning system with compressed air jet pulses at 5-6 bar. Certified compressed air tanks with integrated high quality valves. Blow tubes with jet nozzles mounted on the cylindrical filter hoses, easily installed and removed with bulkhead connectors.

Electronic units of constant control and LCD monitoring of the differential pressure inside the unit, for valve activation, with many regulating options. Indication of air quality sensor, placed inside the clean air ductwork. Real-time measurement and monitoring of dust concentration (mg/m3) of the clean exhausted air.

Report of regular operation of the filter unit, timely notification in need of maintenance.

Connectable to Modbus and central automation/ data systems.

Dust is collected in hoppers and removed by rotary airlocks, screws, big bags or metal bins.

Single inlet centrifugal fan units, designed to fulfil punctually the desired air supply & pressure in a high efficiency ratio. For precision and low energy operation cost, the installation of an inverter VFD is recommended.


  • Feedstuff industries.
  • Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Powder, grain transfer & blending.
  • Powder coating.
  • Metal cutting & processing, with laser/ plasma cutter and mechanical seaming.
  • Grinding & polishing of metal and other materials.
  • Sand and construction materials processing. Wood factories.
  • Food production & chopping.
  • Plastics production & processing.
  • Mineral shattering, separation & scalping processes.
  • Surface dedusting.
  • Metal spray & thermal processes, galvanizing.