Stationary Dedusting Units BΤΝ / BΤΡ

For the filtration & collection of particles extracted during industrial processes.

Designed according to each application’s specifications: type and quantity of dust, ductwork pressure drop and dust disposal system.
They contain: fan, filtering components, dust collection & disposal system.


Filtering Components: tubular filters, cartridge filters.
Operation: negative pressure.
Cleaning: with pressurized air, during operation.
Collection, disposal: bins, big bags, screw-conveyor / air-locker systems.


Filtering Components: tubular filters.
Operation: positive / negative pressure.
Cleaning: with mechanical vibration or low pressure reverse air, while the unit is “off”.
Collection, disposal: bins, big bags, screw-conveyor / air-locker systems.


  • Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Powder, grain transfer & blending.
  • Powder coating.
  • Mineral shattering, separation & scalping processes.
  • Grinding & polishing of metal and other materials.
  • Sand and construction materials processing. Wood factories.
  • Food production & chopping.
  • Feedstuff industries.
  • Plastics production & processing.
  • Metal cutting & processing, with laser/ plasma cutter and mechanical seaming.
  • Surface dedusting.
  • Metal spray & thermal processes, galvanizing.


  • Robust galvanized modular construction, expandable and easily transferred.
  • Possibility for welded or insulated construction, when required.
  • 100% air re-circulation possibility for zero heating energy losses.
  • Polyester filtration components, selected for the application’s dust type, of high efficiency and long life, easily cleaned or replaced.
  • BΤΝ type: automatic cleaning system with compressed air, electronic valve control and activation, for uninterrupted operation.
  • BΤΡ type: mild cleaning with mechanical vibration while the unit is in the “shut down” mode.
  • Centrifugal single inlet fans, designed to meet precisely the required air-flows & pressures in a high efficiency ratio, direct driven by IEC standard 2-pole motors up to 22kW, or belt driven. Accurate and economic operation via variable frequency drive – inverter.

Mobile Dedusting Units BS / BVS

They are a simple and economic solution for the retention and collection of various kinds of dry dust, for industries & workshops.

The high efficiency fan is connected via air-ducts to the machinery dust sources. Dust is retained and gathered in easily removable filtration & collection bags.

Filter type selections in conformity with dust type.


BS type, up to 6000 m3/h, an economic solution for direct air-intaking from machinery outlets, and efficient cleaning
of production surfaces.

BVS type, up to 7500 m3/h, possibility of closed galvanized
construction, mechanical vibration cleaning system,
and operation as a centralized dedusting unit with multiple intakes.


  • Small – medium quantities of dry dust.
  • Intake from 1 or more processing machines.
  • Wood and furniture factories, construction materials.
  • Plastics and resins production and processing.
  • Aluminum and paper processing.


  • Portable, possibility of wheeled mobile construction on request, and electrically connectable via CEE plug.
  • 100% re-circulation of air, zero heating energy losses.
  • Filter-bags can be cleaned many times before replaced.
    BS: Manually.
    Mild filter bag cleaning with mechanical vibration while the unit is in the “shut down” mode.
  • Centrifugal single inlet fans, FP/ FT type, with dust resistant impellers, high static pressure, low energy consumption, direct driven by ΙΕC standard motors 2900rpm.
  • Collection–disposal options include easily removable nylon/ fibrous bags, and for type BVS metal bins or air-locker/ screw-conveyor systems.