Dehumidifiers SL / ΑΜΤ

Dehumidifiers of high efficiency and quality.
The process of air’s moisture absorption is based on the condensation principal.
The moist air is drawn by a fan, through a refrigeration device. The cold evaporator coil condenses the water and the dry air is reheated by the condenser coil, before released back into the room.

SL type is designed for internal pools in commercial and residential spaces, as spas, sports centers, hotels and houses.
Available in two types, for visible or hidden installation, efficient for pool surfaces up to 30m2.

ΑΜΤ type is suitable for the economic and automatic dehumidification of : basements, workrooms, storage-rooms, archives, galleries, cellars.
Daily dehumidification ability up to 107 lt.
Connectable to room humidistat for controlled automatic operation to relative humidity ratio up to 40%

Download technical documentation (PDF)