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Cyclones HE (single) and HE2 (twin) operate as pre separators of the final filtration system

Their geometry is optimized for high separation rates with great stability, for dust particles of diameter >10μm. The final filters will collect only the fine dust (diam. <10μm)

Cyclones are an effective solution:

  • When heavy loads and difficult types of dust have to be filtered
  • When the collected dust has to be separated according to particle size

Protecting the filters from coarse, moist, fibrous particles and highly concentrated dust.
Significantly reducing dust load and improving final filtration.
Resulting in an economical and more efficient solution.

Cyclones are centrifugal particle separators

The working principle is based on the apparent forces that draw the existing, inside the rotating air-stream, particles away from the center, onto the cyclone walls and finally into the collection cone.

Ideal for applications with large quantities of any type of dust and large diameter particles.

Mostly used as pre-filter units for the separation of thick, corrosive, moist dust, and the main filter-unit’s relief.
High efficiency cyclones HE can function as final separators, achieving collection ratios >90% for particles with diameters ≥ 10μm.
High efficiency ratios for thin dust can be achieved by
multi-cyclone units, an array of ≥ 2 smaller cyclones
in parallel configuration.




  • Material storage in silo or big bags – agriculture, recycling.
  • Separation of greasy particles, moist dust.
  • Biomass and liquid gas burner air-fumes.
  • As pre-filter units, for dust load reduction and life extension of the main filter unit.


  • Welded construction made of mild, galvanized or stainless steel sheet, of 2-4 mm thickness.
  • High temperature resistant up to 300oC.
  • Low-cost operation & maintenance, no consumables need, long lifetime.
  • Connectable to high efficiency type FP/ FT fans.


  • Metal collection bins.
  • Air locker, Screw conveyor.
  • Air ducts & sound attenuators.
  • Deflector or scroll type outlet cap.

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* ΔPst,min (Inlet – Outlet): 1000Pa