Air Handling Units KM

Comfort level, air-quality and energy economizing are the factors that specify the design and the efficiency of a contemporary air-conditioning system for industrial, commercial or residential applications.

KM Air Handling Units are composed of functional «modules», that consist of filters, heat-exchangers, fans, humidifiers, economizers, according to the required air processes.
Efficient and controlled air handling, strict to each application’s specifications, in a robust adaptable modular construction, easy to transport and install.


units, air-flow up to 80000m3/h, every possible combination.

units with DX or water heat-exchanger, air-flow up to 12000m3/h.

low height units, ideal for fresh-air pre-heating, air-flow up to 3500m3/h.



  • Offices – Shopping Malls – Exhibition Halls
  • Public Halls
  • Sports Centers
  • Hotels
  • Amusement & Multi-Purpose Halls
  • Industries – Workrooms

Module’s Construction

  • Galvanized/ aluminum profile frame, with plastic/ aluminum corner items.
  • Double skinned panel type casing, 30mm/ 50mm thick, made of galvanized steel sheets.
  • For special applications: stainless steel AISI 304 / 316.
  • Intermediate sound & thermal absorbing stone wool panel insulation.
  • Powder coated in RAL color on demand.

Heat-exchanger Section

  • Cu-Al Coil for water or direct expansion refrigerant (DX)
  • Condensate pan and drain connection.

Filter Section

  • G3-G4 category synthetic pre-filters, zigzag type.
  • F5-F9 category bag-filters, efficiency up to 95% / particles 0.4μm diam.
  • Absolute HEPA filters, Η10-Η14 categories, efficiency up to 99,99% / particles 0.3μm diam.
  • Cartridge type active-carbon filters for deodorization, e.g. in crowded public spaces.

Fan Section

  • Double inlet centrifugal fans, belt driven, impeller with forward or backward curved blades, in scroll housing or free-blowing.
  • Electric Motor IEC standard.

Recovery & Economizer Section

  • Plate air to air heat-exchanger, air-stream separation and energy recovery up to 80% for units with exhaust and fresh air management section.