Direct Air-heaters – DH & DHc

Most efficient and economic solution for fast and direct heating of large commercial and industrial spaces.
Operating strictly during the working hours, without wasting time and energy on preheating or conserving the system.

Indirect heating by flue gas – air heat exchanger, the air is distributed directly in the room via free blowing plenum or through air-ducts and air-diffusers.
Connectable to oil, natural gas and LPG burners.

Specialized design for drying applications

DH up to 407Kw

DHC with integrated burner, up to 30kW


DH up tp 407kW

DHC compact with intergraded burner in 2 sizes 25, 35kW.

DHT specially designed for high temperatures, material drying processes.

DHB specially designed for pellet biomass fuel.

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  • Industries, Workshops & Warehouses
  • Shopping Malls & Exhibitions
  • Churches
  • Sports Centers
  • Greenhouses & Stockbreeding units
  • Material drying


  • Low-cost installation, operation and maintenance.
  • Combustion efficiency ~ 90%
  • Double skinned galvanized steel casing panels with intermediate 30mm insulation, externally coated.
  • Fast direct space heating, no preheating period required.
  • Electrical panel for automatic – safe operation, connectable to room thermostat.
  • No need for anti-frost protection, due to water piping absence.
  • Vertical or horizontal configuration.
  • Fresh air intake up to100%, with mixing box and damper.
  • Possible use for ventilation during the summer months.
  • G4 category air-filter on the air-intake.
  • Centrifugal, low noise fan, direct or belt driven, designed for the required static pressure.
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 combustion chamber, long lifetime.
  • 30 years constructional experience.


  • Air distribution plenum 1-4 directions.
  • Mixing box with damper for fresh-air intake.
  • Air-ducts & Sound attenuators.
  • Fuel gas piping systems.