Ducting Accessories

Dampers – Air flow regulators

  • Multi-blade, of rectangular cross-section, with aluminum or galvanized steel blades. Manual or motorized 230V/ 24V regulation.
  • Single-blade, of rectangular or circular cross-section. Manual or motorized 230V/ 24V regulation.
  • Single-blade, sliding type, in a frame.
  • Heavy duty gate valves, with gear motors, for air ducts & storage silos.
Ducted Sound Attenuators
Rectangular or circular cross-section
Designed according to the system’s air-flow, the available pressure drop and the required sound attenuation in the frequency spectrum of 63- 8000 Hz.

Sound-absorbing panels
Galvanized with sound absorbing stone-wool high density panels, for machinery sound insulation.

Ducted electric resistors
Heating power 3–15 kW
For rectangular or circular ducts, with intergraded control and over-heating protection circuit elements.

Rain & Deflector Cap
High ejection and better diffusion of the exhaust air, for ducts of circular cross-section Ø 80-1000 mm.