Material Transport Fans FT

Single inlet fans of robust construction, applicable for management of dusty airflows and pneumatic material transfer.
Impeller with radial straight blades, self-cleaning, statically and dynamically balanced.

Open type impeller for larger particles, fibrous and sticky material, paper, grinding, chip, wood remains, wool.

Close type impeller for dry dust and exhaust fumes.
Medium and high pressure and air-flows up to 35000m3/h.

Three movement arrangements:



  • Industrial & agricultural applications of pneumatic material transfer.
  • Paper, plastics, wood processing.
  • Filter – cyclonic units for thick dust, grinding etc, under positive pressure operation.


  • Air temperature operation range: -30°C to 120°C. At elevated temperatures with cooling flinger.
  • Robust construction made of steel sheet, stainless steel or hardox for reinforced mechanical resistance.


  • Inverter for speed control, operation accuracy and economy.
  • Soft starters.
  • Manual-controlled or motorized dampers for air-flow control.
  • Air-ducts, sound absorbing panels and duct attenuators.