Sivis | Clean Air Systems

Extraction – Filtration Systems

Clean-Air Filter Units

Filter assemblies, of type and category selected according to the specific application, in a tight framed box of galvanized & internally smooth panel casing with sound absorbing insulation, optionally including a centrifugal fan.

Unit design: practically customized according to each applications’ specifications.

  • HF Bag & HEPA filter units for high standard filtration.
    Up to 4 filtration process steps included: 3 pre-filters of retention up to 95% for particles 0.4μm and 1 final fiberglass H10-14 category filter of high retention up to 99.99% for particles 0.3μm.
  • CF Active Carbon Cartridge units for air filtration from various chemical compounds, solvents, fumes, grease vapors and odor elimination. Up to 5 filtration process steps included: 3 pre-filters, 1 fiberglass high retention filter and 1 assembly of active-carbon cartridges.
  • Spray painting extraction system
    with fiber glass PAINT STOP filters and integrated fan
  • Centralised system for welding fumes
    Extraction arms, ducting, fan and filter unit
  • Medical / Chemical laboratory extraction bench
    stainless steel construction with fan-filter unit


  • Final filtration units.
  • Production rooms with emissions, welding fumes, small quantity of dust.
  • Pharmaceutical & food Industry.
  • Medical rooms, laboratories.
  • Chemicals industry.
  • Workshops, printing & dyeing.
  • Fumes containing solvents, volatile organic compounds, acids.
  • Commercial kitchens, restaurants, maximum air-fumes temperature 80oC.
  • Crowded public spaces.